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Herbal Medicine


You’ve just found our popular Online Supplements Store!

Developed here in our premier tattoo removal clinic,

Serenity Tattoo Removaltm.est.2002 in Las Vegas Nv.

 After 19yrs. of removing 1000s of tattoos.  We realized that Body Chemistry ,Liver and Lymphatic Health are keys to a successful removal. The last 12 yrs, of extensive field work and testing here in our clinic , have brought these products to market. Our supplements represents what are the Finest and Purest Formulas out there.

    Improve your Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Results
Working with Doctors and Top Nutritionists , We have developed  Proprietary Blends of:

  • All Certified Organic

  •  Non GMO 

  •  U.S.A. Manufactured and Bottled

  •  Gluten Free

  • Pesticide Free

  • Vegan


Better Energy

Better Clarity

Better Health

Better Life !

B.O.G.O BUY 1 D3, GET 1 Free !

A Bit About Us

Our Story is the Exclusive Distributor of our Fine, All Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan Supplements. 

  Proudly Made Here in the U.S.A. !!

  We’re a business made up of Innovators and Free-Thinkers.

  One of the original Laser Tattoo Removal businesses in the World.

Our supplements are based on over 20yrs. of field research conducted right here in our Clinic in Las Vegas NV.

We have changed the lives of thousands of people here in Las Vegas, with our fine services. We sincerely hope our products improve your way of life, like they have for us. And, Countless others everywhere.

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