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Organic Vitamin D3 Powerful 5000iu. Formula

Organic Vitamin D3 Powerful 5000iu. Formula

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In A Recent Published Boston University Study (9-17-20) Vitamin D3 was shown to reduce the Risk of catching Corona Virus By 54%. Using a Test Sample of more than 185,000 Americans, from all 50 States.

 Vitamin D3, has taken the health industry by storm. A goldmine of pioneering studies around the turn of the 21st century on Vitamin D3, have reported incredible findings about the “Sunshine Vitamin” and its positive effects on bone health, the immune system, and good health in general.

Immune System Support

  The Cold and Flu, are two of the most common illnesses that have plagued humanity for centuries, and we still haven’t been able to figure out how to beat them. While potentially dangerous in a small subset of people, they are generally seen as a nuisance more so than a fatal disease. Usually, illness occurs when the immune system — our main line of defense — isn’t functioning properly.

Vitamin D3 is thought to stimulate the production of powerful peptides in white blood cells and also in epithelial cells which line the respiratory track, thereby protecting the lungs from infection. Also, as touched on previously, Vitamin D3 may modulate the immune response and strengthen immune defenses. One study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that school children that received a 1200 IU/day of Vitamin D3 had a 42% reduction in Influenza A during the winter months versus children who took placebo.

Looking at 31 previous years of statistics on flu activity and the highest months of flu contraction in the United States, December through March are the peak months of activity (February being the most active month). UVB rays from the sun are, for the most part, muted throughout the winter months in most of North America, hence little to no Vitamin D3 production among the populations.

Nutrition for Your Brain

Getting enough Vitamin D3 is important for your neurological health and promising research has been building over the last few years around the correlation between Brain Health, and Vitamin D3 deficiency. There are over 35 million Alzheimer’s sufferers worldwide. Over 5 million of those are in America, and that number is expected to explode to 15 million by 2050. It’s not to say that a Vitamin D3 supplement will prevent Alzheimer’s but considering that around 90% of Alzheimer’s disease patients have low levels of Vitamin D3, researchers are examining the role of this nutrient.

A recent study showed the effects of Vitamin D3 on Alzheimer’s occurrence in elderly women. The study demonstrated that the group with the highest intake of Vitamin D3 (20% of the participants) experienced lower Alzheimer’s disease incidence.  Another study focused on 300 elderly people showed a profound 250% increase in occurrence of Alzheimer’s cases in people with low blood levels of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 Boosts Weight Loss !

Consider adding Vitamin D3 supplements to your diet if you’re trying to lose weight or prevent heart disease. Studies have shown that adding Vitamin D3 helps control your appetite, and helps you lose weight.

Beware of “D3-ficiency”

Many lifestyle and environmental factors can affect your ability to get sufficient amounts of Vitamin D3 through the sun alone. These factors include:

  • Being in an area with high pollution
  • Using sunscreen
  • Spending more time indoors
  • Working a Night Shift
  • Living in big cities where buildings block sunlight
  • Having darker skin

These factors contribute to Vitamin D3 deficiency in an Alarming number of people here in the USA. That’s why it’s important to get some of your Vitamin D3 from sources besides sunlight.

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